Three Weeks in The Philippines

Hi friends! Wow. It seriously has been too long since I have done a post. Please forgive me as my life has been crazy busy. If you are new here and didn’t know, I traveled to the Philippines for three weeks for a mission trip. I learned so much about myself and tremendously grew my faith in the Lord. And I have been dying to tell you guys all about it!

What makes the Philippines so special is the people. They welcomed me into their beautiful country with open arms and were very appreciative of my time there. Little did they know, I felt just as blessed to be there.  

There was no “typical day” while I was in the Philippines. Each day we woke up, not having a set plan. Some mornings we visited different schools to feed the students their one hot meal for the week. Or we would spend time in the high school educating them on drugs and alcohol. And guess who was nominated to be the speaker?? This girl. I spoke to over 100 students with no plan. To be honest, I just let “Jesus take the wheel.” With all joking aside it ended up going pretty well. No matter the topic, I hoped that the students learned about the love and forgiveness of God. Afterward, the high schoolers made us feel like celebrities. They all wanted pictures, and were curious as to if we were friends with Arianna Grande and Taylor Swift…lol! 

In the afternoon we spent most of our time the village of Sta. Fe. Which is the most impoverished village in Tacloban. This is where we did a lot of house visits and Bible studies with women and families. The relationships built in Sta. Fe. will undoubtedly be the most memorable. These people were so full of joy, no matter their situation.  On Sundays, their church had no AC and very few fans, yet it was a full house, there were not even enough chairs for everyone to sit! It was very encouraging to see how on fire for the Lord the church attendees were. 

One fun and favorite memory of mine was visiting a village in the countryside. To get there we had to hop on a Taxi, but they do not have your typical car taxis in the Philippines they are motorcycles (sorry, Mom)! So we rode on a motorcycle for about twenty minutes into the country. This is where I met a mother and her two-week-old baby that was born in the village. I was blessed to be able to hold her while talking to the Mom. We spent lots of time laughing and crying together. She merely needed someone to listen and a little reminder of God’s love. While she reminded me that God’s love is without borders.

My journey to the Philippines has created a lasting impact on me as a person and strengthened my faith in God. I will forever hold the memories close in my heart. Lastly, I will forever remember how loved and supported I am by my family and friends who believe in me as I embarked on my journey. Thank you, again for your love, support, and prayers! 



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