Summer Wardrobe Essentials

It may just be me, but summer is my favorite time of year. There is always an excuse for weekend getaways, brunch with your girlfriends, lake days, and trips to your favorite winery or brewery. However, there are a few essentials you need to go into this summer in style!

#1 Go-to pair of Sunnies:

There are so many fun sunglasses being sold, but my favorite are my RayBans. They are always appropriate for any occasion; trips to the beach, brunch, and really anything! You just have to find the right pair for you and you won’t regret it!

#2 Pair of sandals that go with EVERYTHING:


My favorite are my Tory Burch sandals. I can literally wear these sandals with shorts and an oversized t- shirt (on my lazy days when I still think I am in college, I promise I am trying to stop!) and I wear these Tory Burch’s with white jeans and a cute top. Also, you can dress down an outfit with these classic sandals. Tory Burch has so many colors to choose from but if you are wanting a shoe that goes with everything the sand color is your best pick. My other go to sandals are my platinum colored Jack Rodgers, they too go with everything. When you are shopping for the perfect sandal remember the color is key, a neutral color is what will allow you to match anything in your wardrobe!

#3 One piece swimsuit:

Okay, my new obsession is one piece swimsuits. There are so many different styles that compliment all body types. You honestly just have to get one. Just make sure it’s the perfect fit and style for YOU!

#4 White Jeans:

My saying for white jeans is you get what you pay for. If you buy a pair that is bad quality, they often can be unflattering and not as cute as white jeans should be. Don’t worry it is not just you, I have tried on so many different white jeans and have found the better quality is best, such as brands like Dear John! Even though it may be a little pricey, a good fitting white jean is crucial for your summer wardrobe!!

#5  A go-to hat:

I don’t believe anyone who says they don’t look good in a hat!! You have to buy a hat this summer that will cover up your bad hair day or add style to a casual day outfit. Trust me a hat will definitely add that “little something” an outfit needs or just to help you out when you have a bad case of the Monday blues! ( Defenitely me this Monday.. lol!)

Alright, know you know these summer essentials, we can now go into summer with confidence and stlye! As always never hesitate to contact me with questions.

Go and Shine Like a Diemond, babe!