Staying Calm in the midst of Crazy

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Hi y’all! I hope everyone is having a great week! Technically this week I am on Spring Break, as much as I would love to be laying somewhere tropical, it has been refreshing to just get caught up on life. Because lately, my schedule has been kicking my bootie. I am taking six hours of class, I work a minimum of thirty hours a week, taking care of a puppy, blogging, and trying to make time for my family and friends. Things can get pretty stressful!! However, I have found a few things that I do that have been very helpful in staying calm in the midst of all my crazy. I know I am not the only one with a crazy busy schedule, so I am going to share five things I do, so maybe it can help you too!

Protect your Space

I think I could write an entire blog post on this, but I will keep this one short! I have found it so beneficial when I am cautious about who I socialize with/spend time with! We all tend to pick up the energy of others.  If someone is overly negative, my thoughts become negative. If someone is lazy, I have a tendency to be lazy. Kind of like the idea, you are who surround yourself around. So when I am very busy, I am careful who I chose to spend time with. I ensure the people are positive and ambitious. This way you are also creating a positive support system, for stressful times! Also, I like to think about how I am affecting the space of those around me.

Work in a clean environment 

Ughhh, I struggle with this one the most. When I am very busy I tend to get a little bit messy. Dishes and laundry pile up. I allow my desk to clutter with papers. Even virtually I get messy by having a bazillion tabs and windows open..yikes! When my things are disorganized or just thrown all over the place it just makes me even more overwhelmed. So, I have learned it is really important to be proactive each morning and night by straightening up to avoid any extra stress. At night I will clean up desk, put any dishes away, and fold clothes. This way I can wake up in the morning, make my bed, and have a fresh start to my day. Once a week I will put on a podcast, usually a sermon from Steven Furtick, and I will have a serious cleaning session until the podcast is over. Doing this is really helpful in avoiding a huge mess to clean daily; as well as, it gives me time to listen to God’s Word!! Sounds like a win, win for me!

Know your priorities 

When living in a fun city, this definitely becomes challenging. I have so many opportunities to go out with friends to concerts, trivia nights, breweries- there is seriously something fun to do every night of the week. Which is why I LOVE living in Charlotte, but you get some serious FOMO when you still have assignments, deadlines, studying to do on a Friday/Saturday night. There have been times when I have had to miss out on fun nights out because I have had a big assignment due. In the moment, it’s not a very good feeling, but I am constantly reminding myself that my responsibility will be rewarded with success. And really the only thing I may be missing out on is just a bad hangover 😉 Much easier said than done, right?! Trust me, I know. To keep my priorities in order, I have a checklist in my head- school is first, next is work (I have to pay the bills somehow?!) then I can fill the third slot with fun/family/friends. If I have checked the third box off before the first two then there will be no good results. Such as being rushed, forget assignments, and my quality of work will decrease. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster! This is when I feel like I sound like my Mom telling me, “get what needs to be done first then you can have fun!” I guess things don’t really change from age ten to!

Make Your Work Enjoyable 

This is my favorite part!! Okay, when I have a ton of work I have to do, I try to make it somewhat enjoyable. First, I will always light a candle (cashmere plum is my favorite!!!) or I will diffuse an essential oil, usually lavender oil. I know some of you work at an office so my suggestion would be to always have your favorite lotion at your desk, and if it were me I would have a Lush Massage Bar or Sleepy Lotion. Then I always make sure I have my favorite drink (non-alcoholic of course 😛 ) which is usually some sort of tea that I am in the mood for!  Lastly, I will have small rewards when I accomplish various tasks. If it is late at night it may be a small dessert or during the day an acai bowl! I am even guilty of telling myself if I finish everything I will buy the new pair of shoes I have been having my eyes on!! What works for me may not work for you, but making sure you incorporate fun things YOU enjoy creates motivation to help complete your to-do list!

Stay Close to God

Above all else, in times of stress, I rely on God. I will pray morning and night, and throughout the day. I specifically ask Him to give me the strength and motivation to accomplish my tasks for His glory. When I feel anxiety taking over or have thought of wanting to quit, I will seek Him and His Word. However, I am always reminded that those thoughts and feelings are from Satan trying to stop me from doing God’s will! Because in reality, all that I get to do is a blessing. A blessing I have a job, a blessing I am in school, and a blessing of a sweet little puppy that gives me so much love! If anything, it is my prayer that you remember this verse in your midst of crazy ~

Philippians 4:6-7

 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I hope that some of the things I do can help you too! I also would love to know what you do in times you are really busy?!? So leave a comment below and I will look forward to reading!!





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