New Season, Same God

New Season, Same God

Every Fall, when the leaves are changing, I am always reminded of how similar our lives are to the changing seasons. There are times in life when we are full of new life like spring. Then times everything around you seems as if it’s withering like fall.


Does anyone else feel like there life circumstances completely align with the seasons?? My life right now feels like fall- life circumstance makes me think things withering and changing- this is a crucial part of the semester, adjusting to changes, etc. Just life, right?


Even if you don’t feel this way now, I am sure there are times you have recognized your “fall season” because everyone does! Even as much as people don’t admit it, their lives are constantly changing with bad and good. Sometimes it’s exciting, sometimes it’s scary or sad. Honestly, it’s normal to feel all three. But the most important thing I learned is during every season is that God is constant.


No matter if your circumstances define summer, spring, fall, or winter- God always stays the same. God’s love for us is just as strong. He is always forgiving. He’s just as mighty and powerful. This, my sweet friends, is what sustains us through all seasons of life. He is our rock!! No matter how bad our situation is he will sustain us through his love, grace, and mercy. I hope this thought gives you as much peace as it gives me.


I don’t know what any of you are going through, you could be feeling broken, betrayed, or unloved. There are times everyone feels this way, so you aren’t alone. The most important thing is that God knows. With it all, He is our rock – we may change but He doesn’t and never will.

“The grass withers, and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever”

Isaiah 40:8